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Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

Tatsuya Sato's artistic background is learning from the people, books & films, local galleries, and nature on the road.

Much of his work has been inspired by the Beat Generation
" and his friends " their works and concepts.

In the meantime, Tatsuya felt a growing need to spend time on his own work. he decreased his commercial commitments, and concentrated more and more on his personal work.

His journey began at the age of 22 when he felt that " to see myself and the world " with a Nikon F (35mm film camera) and later on having a Leica M3 & MP4.

One may take with an everyday occurrence and an unexpected occurrence.

And through his lens the ordinary becomes extraordinary and poetic. He confers moods and emotions upon everyday subjects or scenes which he captures in a mystery of lights & shadows reflect a perspective of relationship between people, society and the natural world by internal images.

Setting out in the open for a poetic itinerary where the song of his sensitivity happily coexists with both his images and his soul.


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